We have a new addition – PLOTER

Due to the increasing demand for carbon fiber products and the need to increase our production capacity, we decided to acquire another piece of equipment for our company during the last year. The choice was made for the Aristomat TL 1625 cutting plotter, which is characterized not only by its perfect fixation and precision in cutting the material, but is especially specialized in the processing of carbon, which is an increasingly preferred material in our market segment. We operate this state-of-the-art machine using the cutting-edge Arito CutterControlPanel software, which not only provides us with intuitive controls, but also the ability to optimize processes and precisely set cutting parameters. Thanks to the high speed and precision of this equipment, we are able to achieve higher work efficiency and minimize the amount of residual material, which allows us not only to increase production, but also to optimize costs and improve the overall competitiveness of our company in the market.

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