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      The composite materials are of a laminate structure made of two or more constituents. The harder, more rigid and solid reinforcements are represented by the carbon, aramid, glass cloths and their hybrids, the aluminized and diolen clothings, rovings, the sandwich and other materials. The binder function is adopted by resins and additional epoxy systems, or polyesters in combination with fibre-glass mats and clothings.

      Manual lamination

      Conventional form of lamination when individual cloth layers are placed into the mould to be saturated with epoxy resin. Manual lamination can be completed with vacuuming when the whole mould is placed into the vacuum bag which results in better surface finish of the product.

      Vacuum infusion

      A method when the cloth is put into dry mould. After individual layers have been placed the mould is put into the vacuum bag for the resin to be sucked in by vacuum to saturate the cloth in the mould.


      A method when the product is placed into the pressure vessel where a maximum temperature of 250 °C and a maximum pressure of 10 Bar can be attained. So call prepregs are used for lamination in the autoclave. The prepregs are preimpregnated cloths which already contain the resin. As compared with the conventional manual lamination the products from autoclave attain better surface finish and higher strength.


      SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) is a composite material, composed predominantly of a resin and chopped glass or carbon fibres, that is supplied in a form of plates to be preserved in frost. Material can be cut into the required shapes which are laminated upon each other to be moulded into the requested shape by applying a high temperature and pressure in a press or autoclave. Specific products feature a high strength and hardness.



      As we are constantly looking for new ways to expand our product and manufacturing portfolio, we have decided to expand into the small vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) segment at the 1-3 kW power level for buildings with carbon composite blades.

      It is envisaged to use the know-how of new technologies developed at ČVUT UCEEB and to integrate the whole into energy complex solutions.


      It was 2020 – a year full of new challenges and opportunities. And it was the year, when we started cooperation with the Ultimate Dakar racing team. A dream come true that is at least a little clos to the famous DAKAR.

      The cooperation has started in the summer of 2020 on the car – Toyota Hilux , on which complete fairings were repaired or manufactured and on which, of course, we also have a small advertisement. We especially enjoyed the cooperation with Mr. Ourednicek and his team, which was a great benefit for us.

      We are still trying to move our company forward and we hope, that we are doing it well. We watched the news of the results of this car and its crew with a wonderful feeling and bated breath.

      Webpages: Ultimate Dakar team

      Impact of the coronavirus epidemic on our business

      The current situation regarding the epidemic is something we have not encountered during our lives and it is a new experience and a stress test. Perhaps because we are a company engaged in the production of carbon and laminate in various fields, the current epidemic has affected us a little less than other fields. The negative side of this development was the suspension of some orders by customers, mainly from the automotive industry. Despite all this, we kept going, trying to make new contacts and work with new customers. It also showed us new opportunities that we want to try to set out on, and that is the production of our own products, especially related to design, and which we would like to gradually introduce during the year. However, we will continue to produce primarily for our existing and new customers.

      Constantly and in spite of everything, we will try to move on, to cross our boundaries, and above all to learn to cope with the impossible. We believe that we will all overcome this difficult period together and successfully continue to work together. Thank you to all existing and new customers.

      Extension of working machines by autoclave

      Our dream came true, in 2019 we bought an Italmatic brand AUTOCLAVE. Now we can produce products with the best surface treatment in a modern process. It is a production process in which mainly carbon fibers are processed. The precisely cut prepreg is laid and layered into a mold, which is then packed in a vacuum bag. According to the program, curing by heat and pressure starts. The product is strong and light. This is the best processing of composite products.

      Staff training

      In January 2020, we decided to train our employees with a course Plastic former for aircraft 23-136-H, which ends with the State Examination according to NSK. Everyone passed the course successfully and received Certificate of professional qualification. We are therefore able to expand our production. We are proud of our employees. THANK YOU.

      Acquisition of a 3D printer

      In the fall, the decision to buy a smaller 3D printer was made. Pressing a button and printing smaller models for our customers will reduce the waiting time for these models. However, we are also able to produce a larger model by cutting the model into smaller pieces and then gluing it to the final shape.

      Our new machine - PLOTTER

      Due to the growing demand for carbon products, we decided to acquire another addition to the company during the last year. The Aristomat TL 1625 cutting plotter ensures perfect fixation and precision of the cutting material, especially carbon. The machine is controlled by Arito CutterControlPanel software. Due to the speed of the machine, we have higher work efficiency and less residual material.


      My name is David Zapp and I'm happy to introduce you to my company. Starting an ambitious business in a small way and without any capital is rough and challenging. In the end, it turned out that it worked. But without our 14 employees, I would never have done it. Thank you.

      My love for turntables and records led me to the idea of starting my own business. It wanted a coincidence when I met a company that makes turntables. The company was interested in the production of carbon hangers, so the word gave its word. In addition, the idea that I would be the master of time and have the freedom to decide what my company should look like - has decided.

      After 15 years of experience in this field, I founded my own company in 2012, with which we are constantly growing and learning in new technologies. The love for carbon and boards has led us to a company that is constantly expanding its production thanks to our customers, because only you know that they will find honest behavior, professionalism and especially the desire to learn something new all the time.

      Our production equipment

      • autoclave
      • infusion technology
      • plotter (milling)
      • robotic arm
      • tempering furnace
      • 3D printer for models and prototypes
      • wet lamination (epoxy + polyester)

      Fields to which we supply

      • aviation
      • musical instruments
      • sport
      • audio technology
      • health industry
      • design
      • art

      We are capable of satisfying any request from the area of the carbon composites!

      Please feel free to ask for the offer

      Jitka Zappova

      +420 737 144 007

      David Zapp

      +420 604 921 269


      7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

      Jitka Zappova

      +420 737 144 007

      David Zapp

      +420 604 921 269


      7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.