The impact of the coronavirus epidemic on our business

The current situation regarding the epidemic is something that we have not encountered before in our lifetime and is therefore a new experience and a stress test. Perhaps because we are a company involved in the manufacture of carbon and laminate for various industries, we have been slightly less affected by the current epidemic than other industries. The negative side of this development has been the suspension of some orders from customers mainly in the automotive industry. In spite of all this, we kept going, trying to establish new contacts and work with new customers. It has also shown us new opportunities that we want to try to pursue and that is the production of our own products, mainly related to design, which we would like to introduce gradually during the year. However, we will continue to primarily produce for our existing and new customers.

Constantly and in spite of everything, we will try to push ourselves further, to exceed our limits, and most importantly to learn to master the impossible. We believe that together we will overcome this difficult period and continue to work together successfully. Thank you to all existing and new customers.

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