Carbon fiddles and bushings

Technology used:

Manual lamination

Materials used:

Carbon fabrics


March 19 | 2024

What can be made from carbon? Like violins or violin and guitar cases. Violins were more difficult to make, but the result is worth it. So is higher-end tailoring. The face of the violin is made of 200g/m2 carbon.

The cases are made of 600g/m2 twill-preg carbon, then varnished with clear lacquer. At the customer’s request, we have also made the cases from coloured carbon, called black carbon, which is fitted with coloured wire in blue or red. These bushings have been a great success. After that we tried to paint them with coloured lacquer until they were lost, so that the carbon was partially preserved. Really beautiful and very unusual looking carbon in a checkerboard design in red or black. You can see the final work in the gallery.

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